Top 10 UI Templates for Figma and Adobe XD 2020

June 29, 2020

Planning a web or app design project? Top 10 UI templates for Figma and Adobe XD 2020.
Ever wondered why iOS apps have a similar look and feel all across all different devices? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway. It’s because they all use visual elements from the same iOS UI kit. Ensure your next web or app design project runs smoothly with UX and UI templates.

What is a UI Template?

A “UI template” or “UI kit” is a set of ready-made visual elements designed for prototyping new apps or websites. With a great UI template, you can create a sleek and professional prototype UI in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

UI templates include graphics for all the knobs and dials internet users in 2020 use without thinking twice: navigation buttons, progress bars, scrollers, checkboxes, widgets, avatars, breadcrumbs, you name it. If it’s a visual UI element, you’re going to find it bundled in a UI template.

Why Should I Use UI Templates?

When it comes to demonstrating your app or website concept to colleagues or clients, it’s easy to fall into one of two traps.

If you have enough design experience under your belt, there’s a temptation to lovingly handcraft each and every design element in your prototype. We’re talking bespoke dropdown boxes, custom fonts in the text fields, the whole nine yards. Next thing you know, the client wants changes to what has become your pride and joy. Now you’re heartbroken and you have to start this painstaking process all over again.

On the other hand, it can be tempting to rush a proof of concept to the table on the basis that the look and feel of your UI will change further down the line. The problem is, it can be tough for a client to commit to your design if it looks as though it was drawn up on the back of Domino’s receipt.

UI templates mean never having to worry about these pitfalls again. With a UI template, you get access to a library of gorgeous and professional UI elements that can be fully customized to fit your aesthetic. Your prototype will look incredible and replicate the functionality of the final product right out of the gates, and the time that would have been spent agonizing over relatively minor design elements like navigation buttons and checkboxes can be spent refining that bigger picture.

Presenting a prototype that looks almost as good as the final product is not only a surefire way to impress, it also makes it easier to spot problems before any hard coding takes place and everything gets trickier and more expensive to fix. Best of all, using a UI template means all your visual elements can be arranged (and rearranged) on the fly without the need for any specialized design knowledge.

How Do I Use UI Templates?

The best apps for working with UI templates are Figma and Adobe XD. These whip-smart tools are effortless to use. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of dragging-and-dropping a file before, you’re already overqualified to get started with Figma and Adobe XD. 

All that’s left is to choose your fighter (Figma or XD), pick a UI template that fits your project and aesthetic, and that’s it. You’ll be dragging-and-dropping your way to high-fidelity prototypes in no time at all.

Figma or XD?

Figma and XD are both intuitive, powerful all-in-one UI design tools. In that sense, there’s no wrong answer as to which side you come down on. Flip a coin, rock-paper-scissors, have some fun with it. You’re not going to be disappointed either way.

The only hiccup is that most Figma templates are incompatible with XD, and most XD templates are incompatible with Figma. 

We don’t want you getting your heart set on one of the amazing UI templates featured below just to find out that the template in question is incompatible with your favorite UI design tool. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you choose between Figma and XD.

Our list of the top 10 UI templates for Figma and Adobe XD 2020.

10. Today Web UI Kit – panoplystore – Photoshop/XD/Sketch

With 120+ interface blocks and a crystal-clear style guide that lays it all out for first-timers and old hands alike, this colorful and modern UI template is perfect for prototyping any app or website you have in mind.

9. Wireframe Website – uicreativenet – Photoshop/XD/Sketch

Wireframe Website - uicreativenet - Photoshop:XD:Sketch

Wireframe your way to app stardom with a monochrome UI template that brings your concept to life without the clutter. 1500 UI+ combinations without an excess line in sight? You can’t get fairer than that.

8. PALLAS – Multipurpose UI Kit for Figma by hoangpts – Figma

Give your mobile app a running start with a modern and creative UI template boasting 36 pixel-perfect, fully-customizable mobile screens and components.

7. Complete Web and Mobile UI Icons Pack – NEWFLIX – Photoshop/Illustrator/XD/InDesign

This upbeat and fresh mobile and web UI template is bursting with personality. We especially can’t get enough of the gorgeous vector icons that come in black or pastel (depending on your mood).

6. Ataman UI Kit – tonytranstore – Figma

Ataman UI Kit - tonytranstore - Figma

More than 1000 components in 20 content categories make creating a one-of-a-kind site prototype a breeze with this stunning UI kit. From e-commerce to contact forms and everything in between, Ataman is your one-stop-shop for versatile, high-quality UI elements.

5. Neumorphic UI Kit – cerpow – Figma/XD/Illustrator/Sketch

This brilliant skeuomorphic UI template is loaded with organic, rounded elements that appear to grow right out of the screen. We’re big fans, and we’re sure this one will grow on your audience, too.

4. Crope – George_Fx – Figma

Clean, creative, powerful. Crope is the perfect UI template for design and marketing agencies that require stylish and effective prototypes every time. And with an excellent 404 error page included out of the box, Crope lets you hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

3. High Fidelity Wireframe UI UX Kit iOS Android App – panoplystore – Figma/Photoshop/XD/Sketch

High Fidelity Wireframe UI UX Kit iOS Android App - panoplystore - Figma:Photoshop:XD:Sketch

If understated, functionalist elegance is what you’re after, pull that car over to the side of the road because we’ve got something to tell you. Showcase the next killer app with this tidy, minimal wireframe UI template that creates mock-ups built to shine on iOS and Android devices.

2. Neumorphic UI for Smart House – merkulove – Figma/Photoshop/XD/Sketch

Make your prototype pop with a neumorphic UI library crafted to be as flexible and powerful as possible. Worried about finding what you need in such a huge selection of assets? This UI kit is better organized than the periodic table, and with everything from drop-down lists to radio buttons at your disposal, it includes almost as many elements.

1. Orabel – EvathemeMarket – Figma

This glossy, stylish UI template produces portfolio-ready prototypes so functional and delicate that you’d have to be made of stone not to fall for Orabel. Perfect for galleries, designers, and visual artists.

Well, there you have it. All that’s left is to get out there and present your prototype in the best possible light with one of these fantastic, easy-to-use UI templates.

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